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Biologie Intégrative des Organismes Marins
UMR 7232

Sébastien DARRAS


Téléphone : 04-30-19-24-09
Courriel(s) :

Fonction et rattachement

Chercheur DR2 CNRS

Chef d'équipe au BIOM depuis Mai 2012


  • Darras S., Marikawa Y., Elinson R.P. and Lemaire P.# (1997). Animal and vegetal pole cells of early Xenopus embryos respond differently to maternal dorsal determinants: implications for the patterning of the organiser. Development. 124, 4275-4286. Link
  • Lemaire P.*#, Darras S.*, Caillol D.* and Kodjabachian L. (1998). A role for the vegetally expressed Xenopus gene Mix.1 in endoderm formation and in the restriction of mesoderm to the marginal zone. Development.125, 2371-2380. Link
  • Darras S.# and Nishida H. (2001). The BMP signaling pathway is required together with the FGF pathway for notochord induction in the ascidian embryo. Development. 128, 2629-2638. Link
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  • Weninger W.J., Tassy O., Darras S., Geyer S.H. and Thieffry D.# (2004). From experimental imaging techniques to virtual embryology. Hist Philos Life Sci. 26, 355-375.
  • Pasini A.#, Amiel A., Rothbacher U., Roure A., Lemaire P. and Darras S.# (2006). Formation of the Ascidian Epidermal Sensory Neurons: Insights into the Origin of the Chordate Peripheral Nervous System. PLOS Biol. 27;4(7):e225. Link
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  • Malfant M.#, Darras S. and Viard F.# (2018). Coupling molecular data and experimental crosses sheds light about species delineation: a case study with the genus Ciona. Sci. Rep. 8, 1480.
  • Alié A.*, Hiebert L.S.*, Simion P.*, Scelzo M., Prünster M.M., Lotito S., Delsuc F., Douzery E.J.P., Dantec C., Lemaire P., Darras S., Kawamura K., Brown F.D. and Tiozzo S.# (2018). Convergent acquisition of non-embryonic development in styelid ascidians. Mol. Biol. Evol. doi: 10.1093/molbev/msy068.
  • Feinberg S.*, Roure A.*, Piron J. and Darras S.# (2019). Antero-posterior ectoderm patterning by canonical Wnt signaling during ascidian development. PLOS Genetics 15, e1008054.
  • Coulcher J.F.*, Roure A.*, Chowdhury R., Robert M., Lescat L., Bouin A., Carvajal Cadavid J., Nishida H. and Darras S.# (2020). Conservation of peripheral nervous system formation mechanisms in divergent ascidian embryos. eLife 9, e59157.
  • Darras S.# (2021). En masse DNA Electroporation for in vivo Transcriptional Assay in Ascidian Embryos. Bio-protocol 11(18): e4160. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.4160.
  • Chowdhury R.#, Roure A., le Pétillon Y., Mayeur H., Daric V. and Darras S.# (2022). Highly distinct genetic programs for peripheral nervous system formation in chordates. BMC Biol 20, 1–25.


(#: corresponding author; *: equal contribution)


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