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Biologie Intégrative des Organismes Marins
UMR 7232

Jessica Kegel, Postdoc

Domaine d’expertise

Molecular Mechanisms of Viral Resistance and Susceptibility in Ostreococcus tauri

Although marine viruses control blooms and shape the evolution of biodiversity in phytoplankton, little is known about the factors governing resistance and susceptibility of their hosts. Combining genomics with expression data and flow cytometry is a novel approach to study host-virus interactions in marine protists. Genetic transformation will be used to increase or decrease the expression of genes potentially involved in virus resistance/susceptibility. The resulting resistant or susceptible phenotypes will be studied using microbiology and molecular biology techniques, and flow cytometry. Gene expression, latent period, burst size and host specificities will be assessed. Determining the genes involved in viral resistance and susceptibility of the green alga O. tauri will help to understand basic viral resistance in phytoplankton.


Téléphone : 0468887445
Courriel(s) :

Fonction et rattachement

Postdoctoral research fellow (DFG)


2011-2012 Post-doctorant at Marine Biological Associtation of the UK
2009-2011 Post-doctorant at Alfred Wegener Institute of Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany
2005-2009 doctoral degree at the university of Bremen, Germany / doctorat à l’Université de Bremen, Allemagne


  • Dittami, Simon M., Hostyeva Vladyslava, Egge Elianne Sirnæs, Kegel Jessica U., Eikrem Wenche, Edvardsen Bente. 2012. Seasonal dynamics of harmful algae in outer Oslofjorden monitored by microarray, qPCR, and microscopy. Environmental science and pollution research international, accepted.
  • Kegel Jessica U., Del Amo Yolanda, Medlin Linda K. 2012. Introduction to project MIDTAl: its methods and samples from Arcachon Bay, France. Environmental science and pollution research international, DOI:10.1007/s11356-012-1299-9
  • Grimsley Nigel H., Thomas Rozenn, Kegel Jessica U.., Jacquet Stéphan,  Moreau Hervé, Desdevises Yves. 2012. Genomics of Algal Host-Virus Interactions. In: Advances in Botanical Research Vol64: Genomic Insights into the Biology of Algae, 1st Edition -, Editor: G. Piganeau San Diego CA, Elsevier Academic Press Inc., 343-381.
  • Kegel Jessica U., Blaxter Mark, Allen Michael J., Wilson William H., Valentin Klaus. 2010. European Journal of Phycology, 45 (1):1-12
  • Kegel Jessica, Allen Michael J., Metfies Katja, Wilson William H., Wolf-gladrow Dieter, Valentin Klaus. 2008. Pilot study of an EST approach of the coccolithophorid Emiliania huxleyi during a virus infection. Gene 406 (1-2):209-16

Prix et distinctions

2012: DFG (German research foundation) research fellowship for 2 years

Diplômes français et étrangers

2009 Doctorat / PhD (Université de Bremen / University of Bremen)

Yves Desdevises - 15/04/16

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