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Biologie Intégrative des Organismes Marins
UMR 7232

Hervé Moreau

Domaine d’expertise

Genomics of microalgae

Marine virology


Téléphone : (33) (0)4 68 88 73 09

Fonction et rattachement

Director of Research CNRS

Director of the research unit "Biologie Intégrative des Organismes Marins BIOM" (Integrative Biology of Marine Organisms) UMR 7232 CNRS-University Pierre et Marie Curie


1983-1985: Pasteur Institute Paris,  Bacterial Antigens Unit. URA CNRS, Paris, PhD thesis

1985-1990: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Centre, CNRS, Marseille. CNRS Researcher.

1990-1995: Genetic and Physiology of Development, CNRS/University Marseille, Marseille. CNRS Researcher.

1996: Arago Laboratory, Oceanological Observatory of Banyuls (OOB)

2000: Group leader « Genomics of Phytoplankton - Genophy». Director of Research CNRS

2010: Director of the research unit « Integrative Biology of Marine Organisms » CNRS - Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UMR 7232)

Awards and Honnors

2003: Wintrebert marine biology award

2006: Languedoc-Roussillon Award  for the best publication 2006.

2007: Trégouboff marine biology award from the french Academy of Science.



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Prix et distinctions

2003: Wintrebert marine biology award

2006: Languedoc-Roussillon Award  for the best publication 2006.

2007: Trégouboff marine biology award from the french Academy of Science.

Yves Desdevises - 15/04/16

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