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Biologie Intégrative des Organismes Marins
UMR 7232

Picophytoplankton include the smallest photosynthetic eukaryotes that sustain the marine ecosystems worldwide. With cell diameters smaller than 2 µm, a simple cellular organisation and compact haploid genomes, these picoalgae are ideal model organisms to study genomic signatures of adaptations and interactions [1]. Not surprisingly, most natural communities of picoalgae are hosts to viruses, among these prasinoviruses, very large DNA viruses that are part of the giant virus family [2].

Over the past decade, the GENOPHY team has been isolating, sequencing and studying many green picoalgae of the genera Ostreococcus [3], Micromonas and Bathycoccus [4], (class Mamiellophyceae) as well as their viruses, mostly from the Mediterranean sea, but also worldwide through our collaboration network [5, 6, 7].

We combine experimental and bioinformatic analyses to address evolutionary and environmental genomics questions about phytoplankton. Our main projects concern:

(1)    understanding the origin and evolution of genetic diversity [8], and its relation with biotic [9] and abiotic factors [10].
(2)    host - virus coevolution over long evolutionary timescales using phylogenetically divergent microalga-prasinovirus genomes [11], and over short evolutionary timescales using experimental evolution [12]

Selected Publications

[1] Piganeau et al 2011 Res. Microbiol. PMID:21540104
[2] Nigel et al et al. 2012 Adv Bot Res
[3] Blanc-Mathieu et al. 2013 BMC Genomics. PMID: 25494611
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[11] Michely et al. 2013 Genome Biol Evol PMID: 23563969
[12] Yau et al. 2016 PLoS Pathog. PMID: 27788272


Gwenael Piganeau (gwenael.piganeau @ - 27/04/17

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      Stage de Master 2 2018 : Origin of Novelty in Genomes of Phytoplanktonic eukaryotes (54 KB). Contact : Gwenaël Piganeau
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