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Biologie Intégrative des Organismes Marins
UMR 7232

Publications des membres du groupe sur le thème des interactions durables

Publications internationales avec comité de lecture (R = “Review”):

  • Rolland, J.-L., Stien D., Sanchez-Ferandin S., Lami R., 2016. Quorum Sensing and Quorum Quenching in the Phycosphere of Phytoplankton: a Case of Chemical Interactions in Ecology. Journal of Chemical Ecology, 42: 1201.
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Derelle, Nigel Grimsley, Hervé Moreau & Nathalie Simon. 2015. Interplay between Micromonas species and their viruses in the Western English Channel. 
Environmental Microbiology Reports 7(5): 765-773.
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  • Clerissi Camille, Nigel Grimsley, Lucie Subirana, Eric Maria, Louise Oriol, Hiroyuki Ogata, Hervé Moreau & Yves Desdevises. 2014. Prasinovirus distribution in the Northwest Mediterranean Sea is affected by the environment and particularly by phosphate availability. Virology 466-467: 146-157.
  • Doberva M., Sanchez-Ferandin S., Ferandin Y., Intertaglia L., Joux F., Lebaron P. and Lami R., 2014. Genome sequence of Maribius sp. Strain MOLA 401, a marine Roseobacter with a quorum sensing cell dependent physiology. Genome Announcements, 2(5): e00997-14.
  • Doberva M., Sanchez-Ferandin S., Ferandin Y., Intertaglia L., Croué J., Suzuki M., Lebaron P. and Lami R., 2014. Genome sequence of the sponge associated Ruegeria Strain MOLA R1/13b, a marine Roseobacter using a quorum-sensing based communication system. Genome Announcements, 2(5): e00998-14
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  • Deng Jun, Fang Yu, Hai-Bin Li, Marco Gebiola, Yves Desdevises, San-An Wu & Yan-Zhou Zhang
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Chapitres de livre:

  • Desdevises Yves & Emmanuelle Jousselin. 2016. La cospéciation, in the chapter “La spéciation” (Ravigné V, Barberousse A, Bierne, N, Britton-Davidian J, Capy P, Desdevises Y, Giraud T, Jousselin E, Moulia C, Smadja C, Samadi S), in Biologie Evolutive 2nd Edition (1st in 2010); by Frédéric Thomas, Thierry Lefèvre, Michel Raymond (eds). De Boeck.
  • Desdevises Yves, Serge Morand, Boris R. Krasnov & Julien Claude. 2015. Comparative analysis - recent developments and uses with parasites, in Parasite diversity and diversification: evolutionary ecology meets phylogenetics by Serge Morand, Boris Krasnov & Tim Littlewood (eds). Cambridge University Press.
  • Magnanou E, Morand S (2006) CH XVI: Macroparasites and micromammals interactions on islands p 295-315 in : Micromammals and macroparasites by Morand, S., Krasnov, B. & Poulin, R. Springer Verlag


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