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Integrative Biology of Marine Organisms
UMR 7232
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    • Welcome to Christel!

      We will host Christel ELKHOURY YOUHANNA in the lab during 6 months for her Master 2 internship.

    • Congratulations to Dr CHOWDHURY!!

      Rafath has defended his PhD thesis

    • DigitalMarine

      The educational resource DigitalMarine is online!

    • New publication (group 2)

      Darras S. (2021). En masse DNA Electroporation for in vivo Transcriptional Assay in Ascidian Embryos. Bio-protocol 11(18): e4160. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.4160.

    • Welcome to Maxence!

      Maxence has joined our group since early September.

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