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Integrative Biology of Marine Organisms
UMR 7232
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    • Master 2 internship proposal

      The group E2 offers a M2 internship on 'Making a cellulose exoskeleton in animals'.

    • Master 1 internship proposal

      The group E2 offers a M1 internship on 'Probing the diversication of developmental mechanisms using ascidian biodiversity'.

    • PhD project 2021 - Ascidians team

      Our group is looking for a new member.
      We would like to train a new PhD student on a comparative project on anterior neurectoderm formation in deuterostomes.
      PhD fellowships are attributed through a competitive process by the école doctorale Complexité du Vivant (ED515, Sorbonne Université). Deadline for application is June 7th 2021.
      Contact: Sébastien DARRAS (sebastien.darras@obs-banyuls.fr)

    • Welcome to Raphaëlle!

      We will host Raphaëlle IMAN in the lab during 2 months for her Master 1 internship.

    • Welcome to Thomas!

      We will host Thomas DOUIN in the lab during 6 months for his Master 2 internship.

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