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Integrative Biology of Marine Organisms
UMR 7232


Research unit of the CNRS and the University Pierre and Marie Curie (UMR 7232)

  • Director: Hervé Moreau
  • Administration: Didier Peuzé
  • Address:
  • Observatoire Océanologiqu
  • 1 avenue de Fontaulé
  • 66650 Banyuls sur mer - France

  • Tel: +33(0)468.887.332
  • E-mail: didier.peuze@obs-banyuls.fr


The research laboratory, "Integrative Biology of Marine Organisms" (BIOM), promotes an evolutionary approach to studies of developmental mechanisms and adaptation. By comparing physiological responses of well-characterized organisms, we investigate how biological systems at different levels respond to and integrate environmental cues.

We have experience with a variety of traditional biological models (echinoderms, fish) and are actively pursuing the development of new models (prochordates (urochordates and cephalochordates), hemichordates, marine microalgae). We are also developing applications and techniques for using these model species as biological activity screening tools and for marine ecotoxicological studies in collaboration with governmental agencies and industrial partners. 

Hervé Moreau - 15/04/16

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