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Integrative Biology of Marine Organisms
UMR 7232


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Phone : 33 (4) 30 19 24 84

Function and attachment

PhD student (Sorbonne Université).

Ventral peripheral nervous system formation in ascidian and amphioxus.


  • Coulcher J.F., Roure A., Chowdhury R., Robert M., Lescat L., Bouin A., Carvajal Cadavid J., Nishida H. and Darras S. (2020). Conservation of peripheral nervous system formation mechanisms in divergent ascidian embryos. eLife 9, e59157.
  • Chowdhury R., Roure A., le Pétillon Y., Mayeur H., Daric V. and Darras S. (2022). Highly distinct genetic programs for peripheral nervous system formation in chordates. BMC Biol 20, 1–25. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12915-022-01355-7



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