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Integrative Biology of Marine Organisms
UMR 7232
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    • New publication (DEEVA group)

      The DEEVA group has just published a paper in BMC Biology!
      Chowdhury, R., Roure, A., le Pétillon, Y. et al. Highly distinct genetic programs for peripheral nervous system formation in chordates. BMC Biol20, 152 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12915-022-01355-7

    • 1-year engineer contract

      The DEEVA group has a 1-year engineer position available to work on tunic formation during ascidian embryogenesis. More information at CNRS-emploi. Contact: sebastien.darras at obs-banyuls.fr

    • Master 2 internship proposal

      The DEEVA group offers a M2 internship on 'Probing the diversification of developmental mechanisms using ascidian diversity'.

    • Welcome to Christel!

      We will host Christel ELKHOURY YOUHANNA in the lab during 6 months for her Master 2 internship.

    • Congratulations to Dr CHOWDHURY!!

      Rafath has defended his PhD thesis

    • DigitalMarine

      The educational resource DigitalMarine is online!

    • New publication (group 2)

      Darras S. (2021). En masse DNA Electroporation for in vivo Transcriptional Assay in Ascidian Embryos. Bio-protocol 11(18): e4160. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.4160.

    • Welcome to Maxence!

      Maxence has joined our group since early September.

    • Master 2 internship proposal

      The group E2 offers a M2 internship on 'Making a cellulose exoskeleton in animals'.

    • Master 1 internship proposal

      The group E2 offers a M1 internship on 'Probing the diversication of developmental mechanisms using ascidian biodiversity'.

    • PhD project 2021 - Ascidians team

      Our group is looking for a new member.
      We would like to train a new PhD student on a comparative project on anterior neurectoderm formation in deuterostomes.
      PhD fellowships are attributed through a competitive process by the école doctorale Complexité du Vivant (ED515, Sorbonne Université). Deadline for application is June 7th 2021.
      Contact: Sébastien DARRAS (sebastien.darras@obs-banyuls.fr)

    • Welcome to Raphaëlle!

      We will host Raphaëlle IMAN in the lab during 2 months for her Master 1 internship.

    • Welcome to Thomas!

      We will host Thomas DOUIN in the lab during 6 months for his Master 2 internship.

    • New publication (group 2)

      Coulcher J.F., Roure A., Chowdhury R., Robert M., Lescat L., Bouin A., Carvajal Cadavid J., Nishida H. and Darras S. (2020). Conservation of peripheral nervous system formation mechanisms in divergent ascidian embryos. eLife 9, e59157.

    • New publication (group 2)

      Feinberg S., Roure A., Piron J. and Darras S. (2019). Antero-posterior ectoderm patterning by canonical Wnt signaling during ascidian development. PLOS Genetics 15, e1008054.

    • New publication (group 2)

      Alié A., Hiebert L.S., Simion P., Scelzo M., Prünster M.M., Lotito S., Delsuc F., Douzery E.J.P., Dantec C., Lemaire P., Darras S., Kawamura K., Brown F.D. and Tiozzo S. (2018). Convergent Acquisition of Nonembryonic Development in Styelid Ascidians. Mol Biol Evol 35, 1728–1743.

    • Welcome to Aurélie!

      We will host Aurélie BOUIN in the lab during 2.5 months for her Master 1 internship.

    • Welcome to Yann and Rafath!

      Since February 1st 2018, we host 2 new members in the group:
      - Yann LE PETILLON, post-doc
      - Rafath CHOWDHURY, PhD student
      Both of them will work on the VentralPNS project supported by the ANR.

    • New publication (group 2)

      Malfant M., Darras S. and Viard F. (2018). Coupling molecular data and experimental crosses sheds light about species delineation: a case study with the genus Ciona. Scientific Reports 8, 1480.

    • New publication (group 2)

      Darras S., Fritzenwanker J.H., Uhlinger K.R., Farrelly E., Pani A.M., Hurley I.A., Norris R.P., Osovitz M., Terasaki M., Wu M., Aronowicz J., Kirschner M., Gerhart J. and Lowe C.J. (2018). Anteroposterior axis patterning by early canonical Wnt signaling during hemichordate development. PLOS Biology 16, e2003698.

    • Welcome to Niels!

      We will host Niels RAPINEL in the lab during 6 months for his Master 2 internship.

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