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Integrative Biology of Marine Organisms
UMR 7232


  • Mutation, Recombination and Fitness in Eukaryotes, Genomic Approaches on Phytoplanktonic Microalgae. (ANR PHYTNESS 2014-2017)
  • Analysis of the genomes of Bathycoccus and Ostreococcus mediterraneus. In collaboration with Y. Van de Peer, K. Vandepoele (Ghent, Belgium) and Genoscope (Paris)
  • Prasinophyte Genomes in Metagenomic Data from the Chilean Upwelling (Pacific Ocean) - with the laboratories of  Genoscope (Paris), D.Vaulot (Roscoff), and the University of Concepsion, Chile (Coordinator D.V.)
  • Predicting Biological Functions Associated with Iron Metabolism in Metagenomic Data from Different Oceanic Regions - with the LOMIC Laboratories (Stéphane Blain).  (ANR BACCIO 2009-2011, coordinator S.B.).
  • Population genomics of Ostreococcus tauri in the gulf of Lion. In collaborationwith theJoint Genome Institute (USA), A. Eyre-Walker (University of Sussex, GB)andt E. Rivals (LIRMM, Montpellier)
  • Genomics and Ecology of Prasinoviruses Infecting Mamiellales - with the laboratories of N. Simon (Roscoff) and R. Cooke (Perpignan) (ANR PICOVIR 2008-2011, project EC2CO BIOVIR 2011-2012)
  • A Worldwide Survey of Phycodnavirus Diversity - with the laboratories of H. Ogata (Marseilles), Genoscope, Roscoff and the TARA-Oceans expedition teams (ANR Tara-Girus 2009-2012, coordinator H. O.).
  • Environmental Adaptations of Phytoplankton – with G. Finnazzi (Grenoble) and C. Bowler (Paris) (ANR PHYTADAPT, coordinator H.M.)
  • Population transcriptomics of Ostreoccocus spp. in the Gulf of Lion – with the Moore Foundation (USA)
  • Analysis of Resistance to Prasinoviruses – with N. Simon (Roscoff), (ANR REVIREC 2012 – 2015, coordinator N.H.G.)
  • Analysis of Prasinovirus Diversity – with S. Dray (Lyon) (ANR DECOVIR 2012-2015, coordinator Y.D.)

Nigel Grimsley (nigel.grimsley @ obs-banyuls.fr) - 15/04/16

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