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Integrative Biology of Marine Organisms
UMR 7232

Carlos Caceres


I am a phytoplankton ecologist with a marked multidisciplinary profile. I am interested in understanding how environmental variables, specially nutrient availability, affect phytoplankton at the molecular, cellular, and community level. My research project within the GENOPHY group is focused on the genomic signatures of nutrient uptake strategies in Mamiellales.

Contact Informations

Mail(s) : carceres@obs-banyuls.fr

Function and attachment

MSC Research Fellow


Selected publications:

- Cáceres, C., Spatharis, S., Kaiserli, E., Smeti, E., Flowers, H., & Bonachela, J. A. (2019). Temporal phosphate gradients reveal diverse acclimation responses in phytoplankton phosphate uptake. The ISME journal, 13(11), 2834-2845.

- Cáceres, C., Rivera, A., González, S., & Anadón, R. (2017). Phytoplankton community structure and dynamics in the North Atlantic subtropical gyre. Progress in Oceanography, 151, 177-188.

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